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Conjugation of French Verbs

  • Download my Program for the conjugation of all French verbs (Version 3.0.1 Beta 1.87MB) (FREEWARE). The special feature of this program is it that a verb already conjugated will be reduced to his basic form. A verb list of approx. 8500 words is attached however this program can conjugate any word, because the universal rule records are implemented. This is a new version with modernized optics, extended verb list with Belgian, Canadian and African special features and partial display of the translation (at present only in German). All sources for the BORLAND C++ Builder, as well as the sources of the complete rule records and the verb list are included in this version!

    This is however a beta version which means that there are some features missing or not completely implemented, also the help file in english is missing. Please do not forward changed versions of this verb program to others.

    But I expect to receive improvement suggestions and error reports, or even better the corrected sources.

    Here is a small screenshot: Click to enlarge click to enlarge.

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Autor: Bernd-Gunter Nitzler, bernd@nitzler.de